Amenities to Look Forward to in RIT Off-Campus Housing in Rochester

by | Oct 3, 2022 | Student Housing Center

The dormitories on campus might have afforded you a number of amenities that you enjoyed as a student. However, you may no longer find the small quarters in them to be suitable for your new life as an upperclassman.

Still, you want to enjoy those amenities when you move into your own apartment. You may find the ones that you enjoy the most when you relocate to a place like RIT off-campus housing this year.

Swimming Pool and Exercise Room

When you lived on campus, you might have had access to the university’s swimming pool and workout facilities. You were able to stay in shape because you were able to use these facilities whenever you wanted.

The apartment you move into near campus likewise can offer you this same level of amenities. You have access to a swimming pool that is available to the residents who live there. You can also work out in the exercise room to stay in shape.

Study Lounge

You also have access to a study lounge where you can get your homework done and finish projects. You can remain free from distractions and ensure your work gets done to your satisfaction and on time.

You can find out more about the amenities available to the people who move into RIT off-campus housing this year online. To see a gallery of photos or request a tour, you can reach out to The Lodge by going to