Two Especially Appealing Homes For Sale in Union, KY

by | Jan 21, 2019 | Real Estate Services

The city of Union has grown a lot in recent times, with many more newcomers arriving every year. Formerly a small rural settlement, Union has become a magnet for people from all over who wish to put down roots in northern Kentucky.

Homes For Sale in Union KY inevitably attract plenty of interest and will likely keep doing so well into the future. Local companies like  Real Estate Group make it easy for would-be home buyers to find properties perfectly suited to their needs, situations, and preferences.

Appealing Homes Make for Another Attractive Feature

Union’s impressive growth of the last three decades owes mostly to how attractive a place to live it seems to so many. Despite having seen its population increase by five fold throughout barely more than a quarter of a century, Union retains plenty of small-town charm and appeal.

Homes For Sale in Union KY are still priced at levels that many buyers find quite affordable. Some properties recently listed for sale in the city include houses located on:

• Doral Court. With an asking price of less than $150,000, one two-bedroom ranch home on Doral Court has attracted plenty of attention from hopeful buyers. The quietness of that desirable neighborhood makes it feel to many residents like a great place to raise children or to retire to later in life. Luxuriously appointed throughout, the house shines in many important respects. An oversize garage even features plenty of space for a workshop or other usage while two cars are parked within.

• Bias Hollow. One of the reasons many people from elsewhere set their sights on Union is the ability to buy homes that are situated on plenty of open lands. With nearly two acres to stretch out on and a finished basement to boot, a four-bedroom Union home located in Bias Hollow has garnered a great deal of interest.

Many More Houses to Learn About and Tour

With dozens of other homes on the market in Union right now, buyers will not lack for options. Getting in touch with a local real estate specialist will always be the best way to find the perfect home in Union.