Services Offered by a Property Management Company in Charleston SC

by | May 5, 2021 | Real Estate Services

When you hire a property management company in Charleston SC, you will quickly discover they offer a wide array of services to property owners. Since the needs of every real estate investment are different, and the exact service that is right for one is not right for another, understanding what is available is essential. The primary services offered by a property management company are highlighted here.

Determining the Right Rental Rate

Hiring a property management company in Charleston SC will also provide you with a detailed evaluation of your rental property in order to determine the right rental rate. This will usually involve documenting the exterior and interior of the property with photos, making recommendations for cosmetic improvements and repairs to increase the ROI, researching comparable properties and their rental rates, and discussing with the owners the advantages and disadvantages of putting different restrictions or policies on the property.

Market the Rental Unit to Potential Tenants

When you hire a competent property management company in Charleston SC, they should have quite a bit to offer, and will be actively involved in the entire process of finding new tenants. This usually includes preparing the home to be rented, creating custom ads, and marketing the property both offline and online. They will also work with other leasing agents and realtors to locate potential tenants, field calls from any prospects for viewings and questions, meet with possible tenants, and provide the rental application to begin the process.

Screening of Potential Clients

After buying an investment property, your ideal situation will be for it to generate income. However, if you rent to a delinquent or troublesome tenant, this may sour the entire situation. The Property Guys is a property management company in Charleston SC that can screen your tenants to ensure they are the right renters for your property. While this will not completely eliminate the possibility of getting a sub-par tenant, it will help to minimize it.

Collecting the Rent

The property management company in Charleston SC you hire will also be responsible for collecting any rent from your investment properties. They should have a policy for dealing with late payments and sending out quit or pay notices, and enforcing late fees and evictions if necessary. When you hire the services of The Property Guys, you will have a team of professionals who can handle all of these situations, and more.

Managing your rental properties is not something that everyone can do on their own. This is why it is beneficial to hire a property management service for assistance. After all, this is what they do, so they have the knowledge and expertise to handle your situation and ensure everything necessary is being done to protect you and your rental property. Click here for more info.