Getting Ready a Property For Sale in Daniel Island, SC

by | Jan 29, 2021 | Real Estate Services

In the old days, it used to be that any property that was for sale on Daniel Island could be easily sold. Those days are long gone. Although Daniel Island is still a prime location near a variety of businesses, schools and customers, buyers have become more discerning about what Property For Sale in Daniel Island, SC to buy. Since it’s a buyer’s market, it’s time for all sellers to roll out the red carpet for their potential buyers.

Invest in Repairs

Buyers are no longer interested in “fixer-uppers”. They want something that they can move into where they do not have to worry about major repairs. Take a good look at your property and fix the most noticeable problems such as broken windows or rotting carpets. If there are major repairs to be done, then this has to be reflected in the price. If an offer is good, talk to your real estate agent to see if the buyer will send you a repair bill for you to later reimburse if the buyers will close now.

Wash the Walls

It might seem silly, but clean walls really make a great first impression. If possible, clean the ceiling, too. This is especially important in properties lived in by smokers. If the walls are so stained that washing them does not help, then get the walls painted in a bright, cheerful color. This shows the buyer that the property has been well maintained and is in good condition.

Hire a Bed Bug Inspector

In the last few years, South Carolina has been invaded by bed bugs. These pests are incredibly difficult to exterminate because they can effectively hide from spray-on pesticides. Get your property inspected by a pest management professional to ensure all buyers that your property is bed bug free.

Get More Parking Spaces

Any buyer is going to ask about parking. If you own a parking lot, make sure it is resurfaced and in good condition. Perhaps you can strike a deal with a parking lot owner nearby.